Super Sunday: Daleicnari


The planet Daleicnar is a very green world with thick forests covering almost all of its surface land. In these forests lives a six-legged species called Daleicnari. Although Daleicnari primarily use their sense of smell to interact with the world, they have a strange form of sight-organs that grow from their head. These eye-stalks continue growing throughout the Daleicnari’s life and can regenerate from any damage they take. The multiple stalks can allow them to see in a full circle around them.

Sebetelet Neon is, according to the traditions and laws of the land, the rightful ruler of a large realm in the planet’s north. But that position has been usurped by the minions of an evil demonic being called Verek Harrm who has been slowly conquering the planet for generations. Now Sebetelet lives the life of an outlaw hoping to gather an army of supporters who can win back the lands from the evil forces.

Vinday Gess is a wizard in the employ of Verek Harrm’s armies. Working to conquer the world for a demonic entity from beyond reality give Vinday a sense of purpose in life. In fact, the armies of Verek Harrm have some of the highest levels of job satisfaction on the whole planet.

Yeshowie Blut lives a simple life in the southern realms, tending livestock and living a peaceful life with friends. But the forces of Verek Harrm have begun to reach into this realm and their propagandists are trying to recruit innocent people like Yeshowie to their evil cause.

A Fact About Daleicnari: The demonic entity Verek Harrm was brought to the planet Daleicnar when an assembly of realm-leaders tried to create a spiritual intelligence that would help them control the moons. Didn’t work.

Universe: Brown

Super Sunday: Durlizkens


The Durlizkens are a slow-moving, three-legged species with one large eye and an appendage growing from their forehead. They communicate by stomping out codes with their hooves, the vibrations of which can be detected by the sensitive feet of others. This is as close as they come to possessing a sense of hearing, and there is no way to determine a Durlizken’s “voice” from their vibrations, only their vocabulary is useful way to differentiate who is speaking. First contact has been made with alien lifeforms, so the Durlizkens know they are not alone in the universe, but there has been little trade of ideas or goods with the aliens. On the aliens’ part, the Durlizkens don’t have much to offer. On a galactic level, the Durlizken homeworld is just considered a primitive backwater world, though it is an alien word “Durlizken” that we are using to describe the species, since the species doesn’t have any such word to describe itself, just a vibration code.

Azran Tidor is a slave-driver. Slavery is a thriving industry among the Durlizken homeworld, with the slaves being anyone who has broken a law. The problem is that the industry is so profitable that the wealthiest Durlizkens can’t get enough slaves, so it is no longer just the most severe of criminals who are enslaved, but any violator of any minor crime. Azran Tidor is particularly malevolent, manipulating events to create more potential slaves by causing the conditions in poor regions to get worse until the denizens have little choice but to turn to crime.

Numsun is a religious figure who has spent a large portion of his life studying the Potent Questions, which the Durlizken consider the hardest things to answer about life. He hasn’t got any answers yet.

Phleed is a young Durlizken who is trying to start a pack family of his own. Having recently left the one he was raised in, Phleed is now wandering the wilderness looking for other youngsters who want to ally with him.

A Fact About Durlizkens: Durlizkens have no sense of smell, in addition to no sense of hearing, but their eyesight detects a range of light well beyond human limits. They also have a humidity sensing organ that doesn’t really compare to anything humans have, but which helps them predict weather changes.

Universe: Green

Those Who Can Not Smell: A Tale Of First Contact

This one time, two alien spaceships met each other in the void of space between star systems. Neither species had ever encountered a different species before, so it was a momentous event. The scientifically-minded crews of the two ships stopped and tried to communicate. Eventually, they worked out a coded system of light flashes through […]

Super Sunday: Rudyums


Rudyums are a small species with six limbs, a tail, and two sense organs that grow on stalks from their heads. Their home planet is a ringed world that is frequently in the shadow of five gas giants that come between it and the system’s star. Though the thick atmosphere does retain heat, during the periods of darkness the planet does cool enough that there are multiple miniature winters during the course of a year.

Though the species has not yet made any kind of travel into space, one of their member, Dr. Yelon, has somehow found their way onto the League of Space Doctors.

Yaza lives in a valley around the planet’s largest volcano, with the geothermal activity there keeping it one of the warmest places on the planet. The relative ease of life there makes it the most advanced culture of the planet, and Yaza is happy to be there, serving as a storyteller preserving the culture’s oral history.

Trimuc is on the colder continent to the south of Yaza’s, where combat for the scarce resources is more common. Trimuc fights for food and shelter, providing for their family by taking from others. On too many occasions there has not been enough food and family members have died, leaving Trimuc increasingly desperate.

Gidio is a philosopher and teacher who wanders from location to location spreading ideas about how working together the species could accomplish great things. The reaction is almost always that it goes against Rudyum nature to care for anyone beyond immediate family, but Gidio just tries to convince those who say it to see the whole planet as their family.

A Fact About Rudyums: Rudyams are able to put half of their body asleep at a time, keeping the other half awake to be on guard against threats. The only time a Rudyum will go to a full-bodied sleep is when surrounded by family members who are keeping on guard.

Universe: White