Super Sunday: Entities from Beyond the Universes

Entities from Beyond the Universes

As a general rule to myself over the course of my years of alien creating, I wanted to keep the alien species I created on a level playing field. The general idea was that they were aliens who would be peers with humanity. But today, I’m going to do aliens that are far beyond our level.

In ancient times when the universes were young, powerful beings came to life beyond them and watched as they grew. One of those beings, now called Thalamaya, saw opportunity in conquering these universe to gain power enough to destroy the other beings and rule all of existence. A cosmic battle was waged, universes were shattered, powerful entities died, but Thalamaya’s plans were slowed, if not stopped. The following beings were enemies of Thalamaya that were banished into physical universes as a punishment for their opposition.


Ynjellek was the being that saw the threat of Thalamaya and united other beings to fight back. When banished to a physical universe, the entity saw all the beings living within and took a liking to them. Devoting itself to protecting the physical lifeforms from various threats from beyond, Ynjellek soon realized that the more power is expended, the more it became a physical entity and lost its powers. Even knowing this, Ynjellek continued to do good deeds until it was weak enough for some Earth-based criminals to capture it. It then played a role in the origin of a superhero called the Noblewoman.


Embarrassed by being defeated by Thalamaya and banished to physical realms, Diashash want nothing more than revenge. In the universe where Diashash is now trapped, it does nothing more than try to gain power, often by possessing living beings and creating mystical cults. Just to make things worse for the universe, Diashash’s powers work strongest on the recently deceased, so raising the dead as possessed cultists is a standard tactic. The ultimate goal is to break free, even if it means shattering the universe.


This being, when banished to physical realms, wound up in the fantasy universe that was home to the Efmons. Unfortunately, this was one of Thalamaya’s strongest beachhead in physical realms. Airlasai, being made up of otherworldly energies, was able to bring magic to the fantasy realm and empower all manner of wizards and mages in the hopes that they would fight Thalamaya’s forces. And while that did actually work out in the long run, long before the battle that banished the Efmons, the denizens of the fantasy realm turned on Airlasai and captured the being, hoping to drain even more power. And there, magically captured in a specially created mountain, Airlasai remains to this day.


Wahered is a mystical being that resembles a cluster of wormholes and can travel from place to place in an instant. Thus, being banished to physical reality is not so limiting. Since the war, Wahered has become less interested in fighting Thalamaya and now is more invested in satisfying its own curiosity about the universe than anything else. Wahered’s presence has been noted by the Pllvmoids, who were inspired toward their own research into wormholes.


Rathuss, being more suited to physical reality than some of the others, was less disoriented when banished there. But uncertain what to do, Rathuss decided to simply go to sleep in outer space. Over the centuries, dust and ice and stuff have accumulated on the entity’s form and it now resembles a small moon. It’s true nature unknown to any who might stumble across it, who could say what would happen if some astronauts happened to land there. Perhaps only time will tell.


Creshmll was an adaptable entity and took to physical reality by becoming more physical. Sadly, this made the entity more susceptible to physical threats and, indeed, the threats succeeded in ending the existence of Creshmll. Still, the “shell of bright” that the being evolved to fight its enemies has been adapted to armour for the likes of Dayguard and thus Creshmll continues the fight against evil.

Super Sunday: The Infiltrators

The Infiltrators

The race we would know as “The Infiltrators” are an insect-like species bent on total domination of the universe. To this end, the Infiltrators disguise their soldiers in the forms of other races and send them to those worlds to take them over in secret. In their distant past, the species would mature by entering into a cocoon state and coming out in a different form, but the intelligent bugs eventually found a way to control what the resulting form. Over time, they become more and more effective, and they are now able to craft almost any kind of biological form. These metamorphoses are permanent.

While metamorphosis modification may be the most impressive technology they have, it is not their only technology. The species has also developed forcefields and spaceships. Those are also handy for invading. The Infiltrators do not have access to faster-than-light travel. Their soldiers are born and raised on colony ships heading toward the planets they are to invade. During the ages spent approaching the worlds, the Infiltrators study anything and everything they can about their targets in the hope of making their infiltration effective. These soldiers will never be able to return to the homeworld they are so trained to love.

Klik27424 is an example of the species before they enter their cocoon. Six legs, pincers, mandibles, all about the size of an earth rat. 27424 is an eager soldier, reciting the Oath of Invasion on a daily basis and dreaming of getting into a new body and killing in the name of the species. That said, 27424 is also pretty nervous about being turned into some ugly species. So many aliens are hideous and it would be awful to be in one of those forms for eternity. But still, sacrifices must be made for domination of the universe.

Killhunter was one of the Infiltrators disguised as human and sent to infiltrate the planet Earth. Things went poorly there, though. The invasion force found themselves in over their heads and many died. While one went on to become an edgy superhero called Kalpa, Killhunter coped in another way, becoming an assassin working for the highest bidder. Killhunter and Kalpa have a rivalry and face off in bloody battles on a regular basis.

On the Pllvm homeworld, the Infiltrator invasion has gone better than on Earth. Though there were still many casualties in the initial years, those who survived have infiltrated Pllvm society and now are moving into positions of influence. Gilubbl, for example, is now in charge of one of the planet’s most powerful criminal organizations. While the organization isn’t exactly open about their crimes, such as weapon smuggling, but they have a deeper secret: they are establishing a nest and awaiting the arrival of the second phase of the invasion. If successful, the Infiltrators could have complete control of the world in a single generation.

A Fact About the Infiltrators: While all the examples given here are of Infiltrators posing as what we would consider the “dominant” species on their target planets, they do not only do that. For example, there are Infiltrators on Earth posing as elephants, dogs, rabbits, dolphins, and lions. Similarly, they are present in the form of various animals on the Pllvm homeworld. No species is safe from infiltration.

Universe: Red

PDR Update: End of Aliens Month

Hey, it’s PDR! The PDR from now, in 2017, not the PDR from 2016 who scheduled all those posts this month. 2016 PDR left November 30th blank with a note that told me-now-PDR to put a PDR Update here.

Well, the main thing on my plate right now is some seemingly expensive car repairs. It seems my shift motor has corroded. That’s punching my wallet right in the nuts, that’s for sure. Apart from that, things are as they have been all year for me. 2017 has not been a great year for me, but neither has it been for the world at large, so at least I’m not alone in that.


My finances remain poor.
Not been a great year.

It’s not all been a bad year, though. I’ve been listening to the Superman radio show from the 40s as I drive, and during the serial “Is There Another Superman” there was a scene in which Batman and Robin were investigating and Robin got kinda bored, noticed it was snowing out, and sung a few bars of “White Christmas” only for Batman to reply: “I’ll Christmas you unless you pipe down” so now I know the best Batman line that has ever been written.

So anyway, we now go back to not having a new Super Sunday post every day. The site will probably feel pretty empty. I do still miss my Twitter posts manifesting here. That was nice.