Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Forty-Five

The bees surrounded the Master of Trepanning.

The Master set some aflame with his mind, but more continued to come.

Dante got back to his feet.

Adam looked on, unable to stand. “My bees!” He coughed.

“If you’ve got any control over them,” Dante said, “get them to make a hole.”

Adam closed his eyes. The bees cleared slightly on one side.

“Gladys,” said Dante, “Electric punch to his head.”

Gladys’s fist sparked as she jumped into the cloud of bees.

The punch knocked the Master to the floor.

Dante pounced on the fallen criminal and clawed at his neck.

It’s a shame that Geordi’s catchphrase (“It’s NCC-1701-Delightful!”) never caught on.