Super Sunday: Szunkruns


The planet Szunkring is a lush, warm world circling a red star. The natural life on the planet, though, is being beaten down by the Szunkruns, a high-tech race that doesn’t care too much about the long term. Szunkruns are a humanoid species (though with short tails, and their faces set in their torsos). Their skin ranges from green to yellow and orange. As a species, the Szunkruns value wealth and prosperity to a fault.

I’ve covered Szunkruns several times already on Super Sundays. First was Montoroloxi, based on an old sketch of mine. Then I fleshed him out by giving him a supporting cast. Then I gave him another villain: Juka the Deadly. Now here’s some Szunkruns that are not directly related to him, to flesh out the rest of the world.

Twisakwoa is, unfortunately, a beggar. In her youth, she served in a security unit during a time of conflict between two rival wealthy individuals, a veritable war. She saw a lot of combat, and lost an arm. After that, she was basically considered useless, and was fired. Nobody thanked her for her service and nobody helped her readjust to life. Now, Twisakwoa lives on the streets asking passersby for scraps, because asking for actual help just makes them ignore her.

Getfatmo works in a factory that designs and builds the robots that are so important for keeping Szunkrun society running. Specifically, it is his job to ensure that no robots are intelligent enough to realize that their lives are non-stop toil. It’s considered both a mercy, because it keeps the robots from being smart enough that they suffer, but also a security measure, because Szunkruns are certain that robots would wipe them out if they got the chance. Getfatmo wonders if this belief represents some sort of planet-wide admission that society is deeply flawed, and if it should be taken as a sign that things need to change. But answering that question doesn’t pay bills, so Getfatmo just keeps working.

Feredelell is a rich person from a line of rich people. Feredelell could go every day of his life without even trying to do anything useful to earn more money, without wanting for anything, and would still have more left over than most people see in their lives. Feredelell could also use that wealth to change the world for the better and still have much of it left. The first option sounds easier, so that is exactly what Feredelell plans to do.

A Fact About Szunkruns: Szunkruns can store food in a pouch in their mouths for later eating, but in the modern wealth-based society, that is considered something poor people do. People with wealth consider is a status symbol to not need stored food, because it shows their confidence that they can get food whenever they want it.

Universe: Orange

Super Sunday: Hk’Lennsrs

Since beginning the Alien Sundays back in 2016, I have been focused on aliens that live in universes that are essentially like our own, with planets and stars and space and what have you. But today’s are not like that. These guys are from some alternate dimension, called Threk’lsho, where physics are different altogether. Human eyes would not even be able to process the images it received from this universe, but that would be the least of our problems since our physical forms would be unable to survive the experience. There is life adapted to this dimension, though:


Hk’Lennsrs are a species of beings native to Threk’lsho, having evolved in a cluster of rocks that float around the life-giving warmth of a flaming nebula. We can kind of fathom their living space by comparing it to our own experiences. The fiery nebula is the center of their “star system” and it is surrounded by floating rocks that look like an asteroid field in a movie (not like a real asteroid field). These rocks range from tiny to the size of a mountain, but never the size of planets that orbit our stars. This is a simplified explanation, but will work for now.

These beings, if they could exist alongside a human, would seem to be several stories tall, but in their native dimension they move with the ease that a squirrel might in our dimension. They move around on four tendril legs and their large body/heads are covered in sense organs that we do not understand. They primarily feed by sucking heat out of floating rocks, which have gathered heat by floating around the fiery nebula.

Hebbel is a landscaper of sorts, which means that it gathers together the larger floating rocks that exist in the space of this dimension and tethers them together so that Hk’Lennsrs can build things on them. They do not use buildings for shelter or anything of that sort, but there are reasons why they occasionally need big space for technology. Hebbel actually just likes big rocks. Thinks they’re neat.

Ecking is a courier who travels long distances, and since the field of rocks surrounding the nebula is comparable to the orbit of planets, those are some truly long distances. Because of this, Ecking’s mind has adapted an impressive memory for directions and spatial coordinates.

Fns is a musician, which is actually an occupation more closely related to a scientist in this dimension. Because there is some manner of atmosphere suffusing the space around the flaming nebula, sound can travel all around. Musicians do still create songs for pleasure, but also to study the effects of the music on the universe, or to communicate across the cosmic distances.

A Fact About Hk’Lennsrs: This dimension, if not the system around the flaming nebula, has been visited by the multiverse-protecting wizards called the Wallfixers. They have waged a war in this realm against higher dimensional beings that we would describe as demons. Though the Hk’Lennsrs are not involved in this conflict, they have seen the effects of it in the distance (to make it understandable to the human mind, think of it as if they are seeing smoke and explosions on the horizon, but on a galactic scale), and spent much time debating what it could possibly be.

Universe: N/A

Frontenac Beat Them Off. heehee

It has been a long while since I have reviewed a Canadian Heritage Minute, but since this is the sesquicentennial year of Canada, seems like maybe I ought to do a few this year. Let’s get on it.

I have little faith that this one comes from an actual historical event. They wanted to make a piece about Frontenac’s refusal to surrender, sure, I can get that. I may not be big into tying a country’s military victories so close to its worth, but I can see the appeal. That makes sense for this thing. But to fill out the minute, we are given this nameless guy who steps out of the crowd to show off. I mean, look at his twirl accompanying the “Ah Oui, Lieftenant!” This guy is the class clown of 1690 Quebec. He just wants eyes on him instead of this silly war thing. He comes up with such winning jokes as getting names and ranks wrong, then calling someone an idiot. Grade-A material there, guy. And then he does the fakey, Errol Flynn-style sword fight. Again, all for show. This guy and his little comedy stylings probably did not actually exist in the real history of these events. And that’s a damn shame. Also of note, I love the anger in the American’s “General Phipps!!!!” line.

And then Frontenac gets to be in the last couple seconds of his Heritage Minute.

I like this one! Five out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.