Super Sunday: Doviderans


The planet Bo Dovi Exxus is home to a species that call themselves the Doviderans. These people have evolved to live in an environment of dense plant-life that we would liken to a thorn bush. Doviderans have four limbs, all of which can be used for locomotion or for manipulation. They are also have a vertical symmetricity that allows them to change their orientation while climbing without ever being “upside down.”

In their youth, every Dovideran is given a pet, a creature called a Mome Doriinty that resembles a cross between a pig and a squirrel. The young Dovideran is meant to care for this pet and thus learn all they need to know about life. Nik Po Tori learned early about death. When his pet died, Nik Po became shamed. Even though the death was no fault of his own, the superstitions of the world have people convinced that one whose Mome Doriinty dies will never be able to adjust to the pressures of life. In spite of this stigma, and motivated by the death of the beloved animal, Nik Po has dedicated his life to preventing death where possible. Fighting against the opinions of others, Nik Po has studied the medical arts and is trying to become the worlds most proficient designer of new and useful medical techniques.

Eab Mo Bofix is a judge. It is his job to investigate crimes, locate the criminals, and dole out judgement. With a team of about a dozen assistants, Eab Mo holds his offices in one of the largest populated areas in the northern hemisphere. During his career, he has solved robberies, caught murderers, and exposed swindlers. He has recently been on the trail of a serial arsonist, and he is going to be disappointed to learn that the culprit is, in fact, one of his own assistants.

In spite of their ease at climbing, most Doviderans make their homes on the ground in dug-out holes covered with slabs of stone. Maug Ep Arb is an exception, living in a hanging structure high above a river. Maug Ep works as a water desalination plant, an esteemed occupation on this world, and has been so successful that her certain eccentricities have been accepted. Still, people talk behind her back about how crazy she is, though Maug Ep likes being thought of as a “weirdo” and cultivates the image.

A Fact About Doviderans: The spoken language of the Doviderans is extremely complex and spoken very quickly. As a result, the part of their brain that deals with aural language is extremely advanced. They can concoct codes and ciphers nearly on a whim, and many play code games as a pastime. Poetry is another popular entertainment for them. All the languages that arose on the world in the olden days have now blended together into a single tongue that contains all of them. For Doviderans, picking up other languages is extremely easy. Though they have not yet ventured off their homeworld, they have detected life on other planets and begun communicating with them. They have also developed extreme xenophobic hatred of a couple of species they have learned have no spoken language at all. Again, it’s a good thing they haven’t left the planet.

Universe: Brown



Super Sunday: The Laogrup

The Laogrup

The planet Shekko Laotance is a world packed with extremely tall tree-like plants, their canopy covering almost the entire landmass, very little light makes it to the ground beneath them. But life thrives even there in the darkness, including the Laogrup, a bipedal species with four hands and a shell on their heads. The Laogrup do have small photosensory organs on their hands, they have no other eyes and do not rely on sight almost at all, instead perceiving the world largely through sound and smell. In human measurements, they stand roughly a metre tall. A large part of their diet is made up of meals cooked out of various forms of a moss-like growth abundant at the bottoms of the large trees. Laogrup tribes, generally democratic in nature, dot the dark surface of the world. In some places they live in rocky caves, but mostly they build homes out of stone.

Muppley Treg is a member of a tribe that is in near-constant warfare with another tribe. The territories of the two groups are separated by the downed remains of a few of the massive trees that fell many generations ago. Muppley Treg is a scent-marker, a job that entails rubbing spit onto various landmarks so that those who pass by can tell what tribe owns them. This is dangerous work, it keeps Muppley Treg on the outskirts of the tribe’s territory, but it also gives them high status in the community.

Gibit Gri is a prisoner in the planet’s largest prison, known by a name that would translate as “The Place of Unheard Shouting”. This prison, which is jointly used by several tribes, could be described as an oubliette city, with its one entry point highly guarded and no other means of escape. Gibit Gri and all other prisoners are their for life, and the only way for them to survive is to form tribes and act as though civilized. Gibit Gri’s role in this is to examine newly arrived prisoners to see if they seem mentally stable. If not, they must be killed.

Kednar Gets lives with a tribe on an isolated peninsula. Theirs is one of the few places on the planet where a view of the sky would be possible along the horizon, if they had the means to see it. The tribe, being near the sea, has access to sand, which other tribes do not. They like to ritualistically bury things, and Kednar Gets in particular buries tools for later use, with the superstitious belief that they will be more effective.

A Fact About the Laogrup: The Laogrup expel their waste through a sphincter on the top of their heads. To do so, they lean over so that they are almost upside down, then fire the liquid waste several feet away from their bodies. Usually, they will try to aim for a river or stream that has been designated for such a purpose. It is considered a source of some humor to talk of spraying waste on enemies instead.

Universe: Indigo